Faith and Art Study

The Kingdom Art Life Study features 12 modules that empowers artists to cultivate a relationship-deepening, God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, faith-maturing, fruit-producing, kingdom-building art career in the marketplace (secular culture).

Listen to each of the modules by clicking on the corresponding title below.

Module 1: On the Issue of Seeing
Explores how we see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ actively engaged in (or pursuing) an art career.

Module 2: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 1
Explores how we’ve come to see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ the way we do.

Module 3: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 2
Explores how we begin to cultivate trust, intimacy, and vulnerability with God in our creative life so that we can walk in wholeness.

Module 4: The God-Honoring Art Life
Explores how struggles with usefulness has impacted our relationship with God and Christian community, and our vision of our place and art career.

Module 5: The Christ-Centered Art Life
Explores the reality of our experience as artists who have said yes to God.

Module 6: The Kingdom-Building Art Life
Explores how our art careers participate in building the Kingdom.

Module 7: The Fruit-Producing Art Life
Explores how God works through the daily routines and experiences of our art careers to produce spiritual maturity in us. 

Module 8: The Purpose-Full Art Life
Explores how our creative lives participate in the things God purposes to do for us, in us, with us, and through us.

Module 9: The Honorably-Minded Art Life
Explores the accountability of being a career-focused artist in relationship with Christ and the mindsets that keep our career decisions honorable.

Module 10: The Spirit-Led Art Life
Explores how the Holy Spirit leads us in the everyday-ness of our art careers.

Module 11: The Faith-Maturing Art Life
Explores the practical ways we build, manage, and navigate our art careers by faith.

Module 12: The All-Honoring Art Life
Explores what it means to bring all parts of ourselves into all parts of our experience as Christians building an art career in secular culture.