Faith and Art Course

What does the Kingdom Art Life look like for Christians who do not make ‘Christian art,’ and are building their art careers in mainstream/secular culture?

The Kingdom Art Life Study Course is a resource to spark and support biblical conversation addressing this question and experience. Due to the kind of art we make, who we make it with, and where we make it, we have both been told and have told ourselves that our kind of art life is misaligned with our Christian walk. Though this conversation has been shifting, there is still a need for guidance about cultivating an unfragmented life in art that honors the spiritual, creative, and vocational parts of our experience as Christians building art careers in secular culture.

The Kingdom Art Life Course features 12 modules that empower artists to cultivate a relationship-deepening, God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, faith-maturing, fruit-producing, kingdom-building art career in the marketplace (secular culture).

Listen to each of the modules by clicking on the corresponding title below.

Module 1: On the Issue of Seeing
Explores how we see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ actively engaged in (or pursuing) an art career.

Module 2: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 1
Explores how we’ve come to see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ the way we do.

Module 3: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 2
Explores how we begin to cultivate trust, intimacy, and vulnerability with God in our creative life so that we can walk in wholeness.

Module 4: The God-Honoring Art Life
Explores how struggles with usefulness has impacted our relationship with God and Christian community, and our vision of our place and art career.

Module 5: The Christ-Centered Art Life
Explores the reality of our experience as artists who have said yes to God.

Module 6: The Kingdom-Building Art Life
Explores how our art careers participate in building the Kingdom.

Module 7: The Fruit-Producing Art Life
Explores how God works through the daily routines and experiences of our art careers to produce spiritual maturity in us. 

Module 8: The Purpose-Full Art Life
Explores how our creative lives participate in the things God purposes to do for us, in us, with us, and through us.

Module 9: The Honorably-Minded Art Life
Explores the accountability of being a career-focused artist in relationship with Christ and the mindsets that keep our career decisions honorable.

Module 10: The Spirit-Led Art Life
Explores how the Holy Spirit leads us in the everyday-ness of our art careers.

Module 11: The Faith-Maturing Art Life
Explores the practical ways we build, manage, and navigate our art careers by faith.

Module 12: The All-Honoring Art Life
Explores what it means to bring all parts of ourselves into all parts of our experience as Christians building an art career in secular culture.